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Would you like to find a study buddy or group?

  • 28 August 2019
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A big reason we created this community space is so you could connect with other people learning on Coursera. We know it's not always easy to find each other, especially if you aren't in the same course session. Inspired by @Jessey M's post, "How can I find people taking the same courses in same area for a study group?," I want to ask you all this question.

When we have a global community like this and over 3,000 courses in the Coursera catalog, it's such a good question. How do you find people in your area taking the same courses?

Vote in this poll and please reply to this post with other ideas or thoughts you have!

Would you like to connect with one or more Coursera learners for studying support?

5 replies

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this is wonderul
I really think that communication between colleagues and peers is very nice as long as we share the passion for science and learning
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Yes of course.
I want to find some study buddy to share idea and discuss the courses' content, and that will help to get better understanding of the content.
It's a nice idea.
Hi, I am Anatoly and I am looking for a study buddy on Coursera.

I am working on Math, the Language, Finance and money issues, plus Technology.

If you are interested in this fields please drop me a line on:


Most internet conversations die because of the disparity in point of reference.
The way my connection works is that we study on our own but, each week we pick a certain video or article that we watch or read both and then we discuss it. Keeping the reference point just enough for the contact and simultaneously saving our liberty to study on our own.

What do you think?

Yeah of course, I really want to find study buddy or group to share ideas and knowledge each other. By doing like this good things happen.

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hey all , i am new here , i would like to greet all of you and i am looking for a native English speaker to improve my language skills