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Where do you learn?

  • 19 June 2019
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Where do you learn?
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What comes to mind when you think about where people study and learn? I picture a quiet library, or a desk with a neat stack of books. But the reality is quite different for most of us.

Where do you watch your course videos, do your assignments, or study? At the kitchen table? On the bus? In a coffee shop?

Let’s celebrate all the places we learn – post a photo in this thread showing where you learn. And tell us about it! What do you like about your learning space? What do you wish were different?

4 replies

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I'll get this thread started ... this is usually where I'm getting my learning done! I took this picture last night. It features my cat Tula and my laptop, which is what I usually use to take Coursera courses. I'm enrolled in a few courses right now but last night I was learning about Intellectual Humility.


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Hi @Geniuslabs, that is quite a video you put together! I got a laugh out of the dinosaur hanging out with my cat.
Hi @Laura A smile is always good.

I consider myself lucky because work is also a game for me.

Playing with machine learning and augmented reality, I solved many problems in the real life of companies and society.

I believe that this type of approach is important also and above all in training

P.S. I didn't put it together it's simply augmented reality