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what is the best language to learn after english ?

  • 23 December 2018
  • 2 replies

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I've learned English and now, I'd like to learn a new language. what do you you suggest ?

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What an interesting question , @Ali_m996632 .
It depends where you live. For example, living in the US, there are many Spanish speaking immigrants here so it has been helpful for me to learn Spanish. Or perhaps you are planning to travel somewhere and want to be able to speak to the natives? It is much more pleasurable if you can speak directly to people and read signs.
Many years ago we traveled to the French speaking Quebec and took a strenuous hike. It seemed like it was a loop but being unable to understand French I couldn’t decipher what the trail said. It started raining so hard. We turned around and went back after 3 hours. I copied down what the trailhead said. When we got back to where I had a dictionary, it did indeed say it was a loop! We walked 6 hours when we only needed to walk 3!
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@Ali_m996632 Congratulations on learning English! I have great respect for people who learn another language, whether it's through a course or self-study. You may want to choose a language based on your work and/or interests. I think Mandarin would be useful for anyone interested in working globally. Are there any languages that seem especially beautiful, practical, or interesting to you?


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