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What are your preferred incentives for completing MOOCs?

  • 15 November 2018
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Hello Elias and all the Community!

Thanks because you are writing here and sharing your opinion. But, this is the miracle here! We can express our opinions and follow all that is comprehensible with acceptance or not for another. Anyway, I am in agree with you of you told above.

I can add too, that the learners as we, have a little more sensibilities and need a good encourage to continue (Please, look the question at the end...)

So sorry that I can not give you an Accuracy about some subjects and liking about these, because I didn't take the Webinars mentioned, but I can open this dialog with the other community members; coming back to the first theme of the MOOCS, making a question:

Can we collect data here, about the preferences of us?

Target : make a measuring and show a simple statistic.
Collecting Time: 8 days from today at 21:00 Central Europe Time.
Results : 26/11!2018 at 15:00 Central Europe Time.
(I can receive those data, collecting and processing them in a graphic, establishing the Tendency, preferences, etc.).

If this is not allowed here, please write me ipso facto!.

Otherwise, : (write all in a sequence order with 1, 2, 3... etc. in both questions)

1 - Write what is for you the first, second and third preference of the incentives gave Before, during and at
the end of the course. (Something that exists today.)

2 - Can you write, if you have another idea about something incentive achievable and realistic, that the
learner can get?
Before, during and at the end of the course. (Something that not exists today.)

I will wait for the answers, hoping that this is welcome by the Community.

Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

2 replies

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I've moved this into a new topic to allow people to discuss separately from the original topic.
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I took my first Coursera course in late 2012. At first, my incentive for finishing was the (unverified) Statement of Accomplishment that students received if they gained a pass mark. With some courses, I did just enough work to achieve the pass.

Later, when Coursera discontinued the free Statements of Accomplishment, I preferred courses that had the assessments available for free. I began working hard to gain the best possible mark. Some courses had limited tries at assessment items.

Now that most courses have many attempts at the quizzes, I regularly re-do the quizzes and, between attempts, refer back to my course notes and the materials provided. I prefer the format where we can only attempt the quiz once per 8 hours. In this way, I am not able to instantly re-do the quiz after looking through the materials. Thus, I have a better chance of actually learning the material and recalling it later when I attempt the quiz again.

For courses that have the assessment items behind a paywall, I find it difficult to remain motivated to complete the course. Having a result to work towards (with or without a certificate) definitely keeps me motivated.


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