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What are your goals when taking online courses?

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Inspired by the interesting debate on this thread "Why MOOC´s didnt work" I thought I'd ask you for your opinion: what are your goals when you're taking MOOCs? Is completing the courses your aim or do you just want to learn some of the content within the course?

Why do you take online courses?

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Mostly for pleasure but also for other reasons - for example I'm downloading a MOOC for a granddaughter for her future reference. Not infrequently I register for a MOOC with the best of intentions and then abandon it for lack of time. I often focus only on the content that interests me, particularly discussion with other learners. I'm sceptical about the value of certificates - multiple choice questions, peer review etc can be useful but are blunt instruments for assessment purposes.
@Gordon_L , I agree with you that these certificates hold little value as far as being able to us them for a job. However, they are nice to collect for yourself, especially if you worked hard at the assignments and participated in the discussions.
in the field of education, teachers are asked to continue to learn and improve. Where I worked, we needed to choose an area to explore for a year. MOOCs were very helpful as one resource to be explored.
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@Judith - I proudly display a couple of certificates obtained when they were free. Sadly no more as MOOCs were progressively monetised.
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Now i will also answer here, because i´m responsible for the interesting debate i started with my topic. ☺

Personally, my goal is to improve my knowledge in my area of interest and also learn new things. The goal for me is at the end, to complete the course and the required tests and assignment to get a verified certificate. in the mid and long term, it would be nice when this help me to get a job in my field of interest, but it is also clear to me a verified certificate is no guarantee. Maybe, i´m to idealistic or a dreamer, i will see.
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I usually take MOOCs for pleasure and a certificate is irrelevant in that respect. However, recently I decided to take specialization MOOC in order to improve my English and get better job. For that purpose I will need to obtain the certificate.
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My intention is to re-educate myself. During my formal education at school, I was overly concerned in getting good grades without much learning. Because I am now working full time, MOOC is great place learn. You can study at your own pace.

My goal is to learn whatever interests me, which can be related or unrelated to my work. Before I enroll in a course, I still want to make sure that I am interested in the subject and complete it. All, if not most, of the courses are well structured, so it is worthwhile to finish them to have a good understanding of the subject.

Getting a certificate is actually a good motivation for me to complete the course. Although I keep it to myself, I find it encouraging to get a certificate from the world's best institution, after putting effort to learn and to finish the course.


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