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What are your best tips for learning online?

  • 14 March 2020
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Let’s crowdsource ‘best tips for learning online.’

If you’ve taken classes in-person and online, you’ve probably found that the experiences can be pretty different!

You might find these strategies for online learning post helpful, shared by @yashika_d. And last month I shared a link to @Pat B’s blog post How to Finish a Course. 

Here are all her blog posts that fall into the ‘study skills’ category!

Add your best tips (even the seemingly little things!) for online learning below – your tip could really help someone else!

2 replies

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My biggest one is scheduling time to learn - I block out lunch breaks and weekend mornings on my calendar and find that I’m most successful at completing a course when I schedule time to do it and keep my commitment to myself. 

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I agree with @Emily . One of the key things to completing a course online is time management. I plan out a particular time (2 hours) during the day which I devote to online learning.


Another aspect to keep in mind is to stay motivated. There are times when you may miss deadlines or not be able to complete the course as per your plan. However, you have to keep going. With the flexibility in resetting your deadline, it is easy for you to re-plan and still complete the course you wanted to!