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The Hall of Course Completers

  • 31 January 2020
  • 3 replies

Welcome to the Hall of Course Completers! 


Many of you have been working persistently to finish your courses. The completion moment can be a great reason to celebrate. Have you recently finished a course or Specialization? Congratulations on your achievement! :clap_tone1:

Please spread your happiness by sharing:

:boom:The name of the course

:boom:The link to your Course Certificate (This item is optional!)

:boom:Your recommendation for anyone who might be struggling to finish the same course


Thank you!

3 replies

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Hey Maryam,


Thank you for this opportunity! I have finished two courses on Coursera, they are:


Introduction to Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices

To those learners out there who are doing this course I would like to say that, I found it extremely interesting and informative. It would be very useful specially for those in the field of Health


Dog Emotion and Cognition

To those who are doing this course, I took a year to complete this course due to my personal time constraints. However, in the end it was all worth it! I loved the course!


So keep going learners, stay motivated, you got this!

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ولكن الانجاز متوقف علي شي واحد نريد المساعدة فيها

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Hey Maryam,


Social psychology

A very interesting course. 

I took seven weeks to complete it.

You need to be patient, read the course files and take all assignment before the final exam!