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Technology, science, and sneaky learning

  • 11 January 2019
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Anne M. Cleary, a psychology professor at Colorado State University, has created a course to help students learn – it's called The Science of Learning.

Studies show that people learn best when they space out their studying, rather than studying all at once, and that testing yourself while studying is better than simply reading the material multiple times.

Dr. Cleary views technology as a tool that can help students use these learning strategies.

Here are two interesting strategies mentioned in the article:

"She and her colleagues are experimenting with a program that, when fed relevant questions, can ping students at random times throughout the week. While watching Netflix one night, for example, a student may see a question pop up on her smartwatch: How many plates make up the earth’s crust? A minute later, the answer appears."

"Other experiments include a one-credit recitation session for a biomedical-science course, in which instructors give students exercises tailored to the class — like having them write a letter to their grandmother explaining a concept they learned that week."

I love the idea of explaining a concept in a letter my grandmother. I think this would definitely help me better understand a topic I'm trying to learn.

Read more about sneaky learning here: How One University Uses ‘Sneaky Learning’ to Help Students Develop Good Study Habits

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