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Technical Support Fundamentals – Get Study Support | 16 Dec 2019

  • 16 December 2019
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Hey @CeCe813@jlee@EJoseph@Edivaldo@Layksyde@abrahamondoma@Hisham Almukhtar@RyanOnymous@Mayansunrising818@mousemoth@Lafi@IssMailo@Eugene Weixel, @sabrinam, @Drroyalty7, and @JennieB!

I’m tagging you here because you all liked or responded to the first post about getting study support in Technical Support Fundamentals. :grin:

Are you making progress in the course?

Can the study group help you with anything this week?

First study support thread

4 replies


I am just behind again. I did finish week 3 well, though, so was happy about that. I was nervous about the labs, but they went just fine. The most difficult part was sitting still for 10 minutes while the assets were provisioned for the Windows exercise!  Even though I have been a Windows user for years (and years) I felt comfortable with the Linux - it bring back memories of the “old days” of DOS.

Just need to try to keep to a schedule with preparing for the holidays and having some vision issues :(


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Nice work, @CeCe813! It can be hard to keep a routine during the holidays. Actually, your post has inspired me to write a new post inviting people to share study strategies for the holiday season.

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Rather than starting a new thread this week, I thought I’d just hold a check-in on this same thread. 

How’s it going, everyone? Has anyone finished the course? 

@jlee@EJoseph@Edivaldo@Layksyde@abrahamondoma@Hisham Almukhtar@RyanOnymous@Mayansunrising818@mousemoth@Lafi@IssMailo@sabrinam@Drroyalty7@JennieB


Thank you @Laura  I’m doing great, only less than 40% has left to finish the course and I’m enjoying it!