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Taking a break in prep time

  • 15 July 2019
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What is the best way of taking a break when studying for exams and you feel exhausted yet you have not yet covered the syllabus?
Thank you!

6 replies

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Hello @Blandine ,

I'll give you some suggestions:

1- Read carefully the contents of the material 2-3 times in the early morning hours, then re-read them one time every 2 hours.

2- Summarize the contents just in "1 page" and review it several hours before the exam.

3- don't review the material before the exam immediately.

4- don't study for more than 50 minutes continuously.

5- Put a time schedule for studying.

6- Manage your sleeping hours.
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Tank you so much! This is very helpful. @Mo Rebaie
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You are welcome! Good luck!
@Blandine , another suggestion that usually worked for me was to first record the information.By speaking it aloud it helped me to learn it. Then I would use the recording to keep going over the information. I would lie down, relax, and listen...I would take a bath, relax and listen, I would go for a run or jog or do housework and listen. By removing the staring at information you need to learn, you avoid that headache and yet you are continuously learning the information. Best of success to you!
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@Judith thank you so much, I will make sure I try it.

Besides having a healthy sleep schedule and rewriting the notes on a page (which are both game changers!) as mentioned above, I found it really useful to go away from my notes for a while and hang out with my boyfriend or my mom trying to ‘teach’ them about what I’ve been studying, in a very summarized version. Oftentimes they are curious to find out more and that’s the moment I can know if I really mastered the subject and can further explain it, or if I also need some more clarification. I’m usually very excited to see I really understood it, so when I return to studying I find it easier to go on. Plus that means that even if I don’t cover the entire syllabus I am really good with the rest of the material that I’ve already studied, which really takes away a lot of the anxiety.  

I know this comes almost a year later to the question, but still sharing for whoever needs it :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: