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  • 1 August 2020
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Hello everyone, I am a new user. Also I atsrted to learn data science, oython and machine learning. I want to a study buddy to motivate and help each other and aldo get a new friend

Please message on me :

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Cordial greetings esteemed @Hande Selli, feel welcome,


Very great see your motivation to learn this topics, Data science as i comment in another post before its a bunch of topics together, let me add an image to give you a visual reference, its taking for me in the websearch just for educational and insight purpose.


I feel it’s very nice to highlight this field based in the components, we are in the amazing moment to start this journey in Data Science, then for me it will be a pleasure motivating you and that many goals you can achieve in this area or let me say in other words, great discovers and things can be done within this field.

IBM Data Science Professional Certified, is a great way to incur, as a personal suggestion, because show you in a very structure format what is data science, how you can do and why you can do. 

Its a wonderful path, because as my opinion if Maths is the queen of the Natural Sciences, Data Science is the queen of AI Sciences, because the data is the heart of any model, then i hope you keep going, there are a lot of things to do, and also innovations.


You just have to remember that one important thing, is the self-learning, all it’s up to you, and it’s where you want to go, the success come with the dedication, effort, doing the things at your own pace, keep trying, enjoying the journey and the learning.



Send you kind regards, one friend more here, i hope you have a lots of friends in this amazing platform.

My best.