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stuck on lesson 5 of Matlab introductory course

  • 14 February 2019
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i am taking the introductory course to MATLAB for an internship I am doing. I am stuck on the last exercise on lesson 5. I need some help. someone to compare scripts with or someone who can correct my scripts and tell me where I went wrong. its been two days and its frustrating.

5 replies

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got it. no worries guys. it was a small detail I overlooked
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Glad you figured it out, @Bini! For questions about course assignments, I recommend posting in your course discussion forum. Since this community has learners from many different courses, it might take awhile to find someone who can help. 🙂
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I want to take matlap course here , please share me the URL
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It's likely to be Introduction to Programming with MATLAB:
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thx alot