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Strategies for online learning

  • 20 December 2018
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You have just enrolled in your first online course, but are you ready to study for it? Does it need more, less or the same level of commitment with the traditional instructor-led class you are used to? What are the best strategies for studying in online learning?

Getting The Most Out Of Your eLearning Course: 10 Study Tips For Online Learners

(Edited by Laura to add a link to the article.)

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Great topic, @yashika_d!

Do you agree with the study tips shared in this article? Do you have others you would add to the list shared in the article?

  1. Understand online learning practices and expectations.
  2. Make sure that you have reliable internet access.
  3. Have a dedicated study space.
  4. Identify your learning objectives and goals.
  5. Build a study plan.
  6. Ask for help when you need it.
  7. Review, revise, repeat.
  8. Take study breaks.
  9. Participate in online discussions.
  10. Stay motivated.
Of course I am particularly in support of #9! The course discussion forums are ideal for talking about specific course material and can really support the learning experience – whether through a new perspective I hadn't thought of, support with a question, or challenging my thinking. And then this community space can connect learners to one another beyond a specific course, to enhance learning even more.

Regarding #2, I think that having reliable internet access is ideal but not always possible. I imagine the Coursera mobile app is useful in some of these situations, as it enables learners to download video lectures for viewing offline.


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