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Solving Insufficient Review via Course Dashboard

  • 8 August 2019
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Hi Guys,

I have recently started learning with Coursera and find It a great platform with lots to offer.

I have suffered from "Insufficient Reviews" for the assignment that I has submitted. I feel the problem arises out of a course members' inability to know if and how many people are currently taking the same course. This can be solved with a Course Dashboard.

  • It would be better, if at the time of enrollment, the page displays how many students are enrolled in that course and are currently at which level (modules or weeks). All the data is already available to Coursera, its only about getting it displayed at the time of enrollment.
  • During the same course, the Dashboard can inform a student about the progress of other members and help him/her to adjust the learning pace in order to predict that sufficient reviewers will be available for the assignment submission.

1 reply

Hi @Murtaza Mirza,

Interesting ideas! You can post them in the Coursera Ideas & Suggestions forum as well in the form of a feature request. This thread explains how you should do this:
Read this first: Best Practices When Making a Feature Request

You can also ask the Community Managers to move this thread if you don't want to change the wording and content.

All the best.