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Sleuth Assessment

  • 23 July 2020
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Can somebody Please Help me in Sleuth Assessment...I have completed my hole course axcept Sleuth Assessment 😭😭

3 replies

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Cordial greetings esteemed @Muhammadbilal 101, but this is the most fun in the Introduction to Computers Science by University of London, because its very didactic and the instructor put instructor to you learn based in gamification, and it’s a really nice methodology that you be like the detective :grin:, try your best and use the forum, if you feel stuck, i do that specialization and it’s fantastic.


Kind regards.   

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@Luis Gerardo Ayala B.  Can You please help me in Sleuth Assessment am so stuck 😫

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@Luis Gerardo Ayala B.  I need help in 

Case no 302-1

Case no 301-1