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Reset Deadlines by Mistake

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Dear Team,

While I was logged on coursera by mistake my daughter clicked on reset my deadlines while I completed the course completely except the last peer review was pending. Can something be done on this as I need to do it all over again and its going to be a waste of time:

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Hi @Umarshaiq,

Clicking the "Reset my deadlines" button has probably changed your personalized deadlines. It has not affected the assignment itself. What I mean is that resetting the deadlines is different from re-submitting an assignment. To make sure that the assignment is still there, waiting for your peers to review it, you'll need to click Grades on the left-hand menu of your course page. The status of that assignment should be "Submitted". It means you still have to wait for your classmates to grade it. This Help Article explains it well:

If you have been waiting for several days/weeks, you can post the shareable link of the submission in the course forums. This might help you get the required number of reviews more quickly. Therefore, personally, I think your daughter has not harmed your assignment. 🙂 But if you are still unsure about it, you can consult a support agent, too, using the "Contact Us" button that is provided on the Help Article. They are able to confirm it.

Hope this helps.
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Hello Umarshaiq,

if you reset your deadlines this will not affect the peer review of your assignment, and there is no need to do the assignment again.
resetting deadlines means extending the deadline of the assignments, it doesn't mean resetting your work.