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Python for Data Science and AI – Get Study Support | 16 Dec 2019

  • 16 December 2019
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Hey @Dina Alsharif@Tinu@ismailmushraf@Yosra Eldosoky@Asiim, @shmuhammad, and @Kalyan!

Just checking in with you all ...

Are you making progress in Python for Data Science and AI?

How can the study group help you this week? @shmuhammad, are you still looking for a commitment partner?

First study support thread

7 replies


Hi Laura. I have completed the course . Thanks for asking. 

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Hey Laura, thanks for asking! :)

I have completed the course, and started the follow-up course “Data Analysis with Python”.

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Yay! Congrats, @Tinu and @Asiim! Onwards and upwards. :tada:


Hi Laura,
                Thanks for your interest, I have completed the course already and now i finish Data bases and SQL for data science and join Data visualization for data science. 

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Hello @Laura 

Sorry for the late reply!

It’s been more than two weeks i have completed the course successfully :)


Thanks for your support.



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Congrats on completing the course, @Yosra Eldosoky and @Kalyan:grinning:

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​Rather than starting a new thread this week, I thought I’d just hold a check-in on this same thread. 

How’s it going, everyone? Congratulations on completing the course, @Tinu@Asiim@Yosra Eldosoky,  and @Kalyan! Has anyone else finished?

@Dina Alsharif@ismailmushraf@shmuhammad

If you’re celebrating holidays this week and/or next week, here are some tips for sticking to your study plan!