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Please tell me the meanings of two words

  • 11 December 2018
  • 3 replies

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Please tell me the meanings of two words.
they are not in the dictionary.

1. What does ”schmubtext” mean?
When searching the Internet,I can find several ways to use ”subtext schmubtext” .

2.What does ”cillia(not "cilia") mean?
This has no clue.

Please help me.

3 replies

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Dear Amwr

Iam very happy to read you and thanks for your sent message in this forum

ihope doing well but the word you mean be accurate withe orthographe because the word shumbtext instead mean shmutext

Ilook forward to hearing from you soon;
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Hi amwr,

You don't say which dictionary your words aren't in, but if a word is not in a good dictionary and if the world's favourite search engine only leads to odd places like a single result of a site without a certificate or activities better left unspoken, then you have probably found a smelling (sic) mistake.

In such cases it's best to provide the surrounding text to give some context.
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Hi Amwr,

ijust found this word by goodle search