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Navigating the discussion forum by a blind learner

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Here is a blind learner navigating through the discussion forum.

If you have watched my earlier video on Navigating the MOOC, then this one is the sequel to that video.
Here, a blind learner demonstrates how a blind person can navigate the discussion forum on the Coursera platform.

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Thanks, Sonal. It is really great how you work so hard for and with blind people!
Hi @Sonal Patel

I am sure you know this site, it is really amazing, I think
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Thanks will checkout the site.
I am in India, and have just attended an inclusive hackathon where many of our VI students participated. Coursera professor Dr Chuck gave the keynote speech.

Our four juniors who are all blind won everyone’s hearts and have received first prize. Dr Chuck supports our mission and makes sure all his classes are accessible to blind.
All four juniors have taken his python classes have earned the certificates sponsored by coursera! πŸ‘

this is changing the world through high quality accessible learning material for everyone. πŸ’•

thank you coursera! πŸ™πŸ‘
Hi Sonal

How wonderful that the four did so well! I sent you a DM on Slack about this site a while ago, but cannot message you here, apparently because of your settings πŸ™ƒ
All the best!
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Congratulations to you and your students, @Sonal Patel! How exciting!


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