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MOOCs Navigation and orientation for Blind learners

  • 18 December 2018
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Here is a link to the workshop we did on zoom to spread awareness about Accessible MOOCs among blind learners. Currently, visually impaired ---especially those who are blind and dependent on the screen reader for Navigation, do not have much choices on various MOOC platforms. Coursera is one of the MOOC platforms, that is accessible, still, not all courses on this platform are accessible to blind learners. Here, we have chose a very popular MOOC on Coursera platform that is accessible for blind and we are showing how to navigate around. If you are curious or blind, do check out this video recording. Almost (95%) attendees of this workshop were blind, who were future or current learners from India.

Hope this make us all think, how much is it important to provide accessible content on the MOOC platform.

4 replies

i really admire all the work you do, Sonal! Always enjoyed hearing about it in the hangouts. I really hope that MOOCs can be all made more accessible. Good luck in your efforts!
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thank you Scotty. Check out this workshop. Prof. Chuck has met many of our students in India and his courses on Coursera are pretty accessible!
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I could not edit my post, but, here is a link to a panel on Making MOOCs accessible for Visually-Impaired held in Boston in October 2018.

There is a lot to think here...who are the stakeholders---especially those who are underrepresented minorities, who are also learners on MOOCs, if we consider MOOCs are for everybody and everywhere. Here is the link to the recording of this panel discussion.
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Here a nice post in the class discussion by a 12 year old blind kid from India who is currently taking the coursera class....

I am posting the words from this post --

Hi! I am Pranav from India! I was born blind. Currently I am studying in the seventh grade. My future goal is to make all software that comes in the market accessible for the blind before it is released so that blind and sighted people can work, gain knowledge and enjoy together.