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LED or Self-peaced cours

  • 23 July 2019
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I work as a job coach in Germany. And now I offer online-course for academics and graduate. For me now it´s important to explain the term
LED-Cours. What it means exactly.

Thank you for your effort

Leo Hasshoff
Senior Excellence Coach

5 replies

Interesting topic! My understanding is that you are referring to instructor-led courses vs. self-paced ones.

In self-paced courses, a participant can finish the coursework at their own pace as there are no deadlines at all, while in instructor-led courses, course teams provide clear-cut due dates. I think edX courses fall into these 2 categories.

Coursera courses, however, offer soft, personalized, and resettable deadlines. In my view, this format can be considered neither self-paced nor instructor-led. What do you and others think?
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Hello Maryam,
thank you for the answer and now I hope you can explain the short LED. ?
What does it mean?
My pleasure.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with this one. Hopefully, more members will join the discussion and someone will shed light on it. 🙂
Hi @Leo where and in what context are you finding the LED term? It is not one I have heard before either.
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Is it supposed to be an acronym 'L.E.D.' or is it just the word 'led' as in 'instructor-led course'?