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learning German

  • 7 September 2019
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Actually I am trying to learn German for a long while.. could anyone suggest me different ways of learning this language..

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Hey! I took A1 Classroom course at my college. I failed miserably. But I am back to learning it again. I am learning it online this time. Youtube is proving to be a great source. However the one thing that I lack is actual conversations. I am multilingual and I have observed that the best way to learn a language is to talk to the natives or to the ones learning the language. So far, I couldn't find a free or relatively cheap online tutor. But, I do ask on public forums if someone would like to volunteer to talk to me in German over Skype. You can give that a shot!
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Great.. Actually I have started in online sources too. I have purchased the 4 packages of Lucas kern. He has a very powerful method in learning German by practicing and repition and gradually you will get a natural since of the right grammer to use.