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How do you combine studying and work?

  • 15 April 2019
  • 4 replies

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How do you combine studying and work? Let's share some tips that really work )

4 replies

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@vini You might be interested in this topic!
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Hi ! Thanks for this. I really love combining both. Morning I squeeze in an hour after my workout before breakfast and in the evening after work and everything is done at home I take out an hour or 2 depending on my schedule and social events.

Actually, I used to read a lot earlier , but recently had stopped doing, as I started wasting lot of my time on social media.

To get away with the time I was wasting, i found I get at least 2- 3 hrs in which I can study.

Wishing you too all the best to take up both together.
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hi friends
i prepare my schedule of the day in advance and balances studies with entertainment .
i also do exercieses and physical activity to keep me healthy .
studying from coursera is also a great way of spending free time .
i have time for hobbies and other recreational activities.
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Hello, it's an interesting question!

Mainly there is an advantage for online courses offered at Coursera that we can watch the video lectures anytime!

I usually study in the early morning hours, and I advise others to try it, but I can't combine studying during my work, indeed some courses are interesting, so sometimes I study at night to continue learning a certain topic.