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Grading Assignments from the Assesor’s Point of View

  • 8 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Perhaps we can improve the quality of learner’s grades if we discuss what, as Reviewers we look for when we grade an assignment.

What do you look for when you review an assignment?
Do you ever skip some assignments feeling you can’t review rhem? If so, why?
What are some of the frustrations you feel when you grade an assignment?

Let’s discuss grading from the Assesors point of view .

3 replies

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When grading assignments, I usually look for an understanding of the topic the assignment is about. I especially like it when a person delves deeper and comes up with new ideas pertaining to the topic. I look that the writer of the assignment has followed the instructions and is clear in their thoughts. Obviously, with English not being everyone's first language, sometimes this can be hard to judge, but I try to take this into account when reviewing.

A frustration I feel when grading assignments is when the writers don't actually follow the instructions, or just write a couple of sentences about the topic. I feel that this is just trying to get a grade without actually doing the work.

I generally don't skip grading assignments, since I believe that everyone deserves some feedback, even if their work is not that good. They're in line, waiting like everyone else, and it seems unfair to skip them, due to factors such as hard-to-understand English, etc. What about you, @Judith?
@Lillian, you must be an excellent reviewer! I agree with you about the importance of following instructions. Usually, a course has very clear rubrics and spells out exactly what the responses should contain. Sometimes people have their own interpretation of a question that is well written but doesn’t answer what was asked.
My greatest frustration with assignments is when people don’t use short sentences. They will go on and on for several lines, with no period. It is such a jumble and so challenging to read. These are the assignments others won’t review as well. As a Mentor, I would try to review them at times because no one else would and the deadline was approaching. It would be truly painful to try to figure them out.
In this global community, it is so important for peole to use short sentences and to be very clear.
Thank you for asking me how I feel.
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I agree with you, @Judith – Lillian sounds like an excellent reviewer. @Lillian, I really like how you've described your philosophy when it comes to reviewing. And I appreciate that you feel everyone deserves some feedback. Thank you for your contributions as a reviewer!


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