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Plenty of great ideas for feedback in this thread! It can be difficult for people doing courses in different languages to (1) understand the requirements, (2) write an understandable assignment, (3) understand other writer's assignments, and (4) phrase their comments on these assignments. A few years ago, I did a course on English writing which had a high percentage of non-native speakers in the class. It was difficult assessing their essays and somewhat frustrating because their assessments of my assignments were often very basic. Good on them, though, for taking steps to improve their English!

I ended up doing what @Claire mentioned in the opening post (be succinct) "Good feedback is detailed but short, and focuses on only the most important things to improve upon. Pick 2-3 key pieces of feedback that learners should focus on. Change based on this feedback should make a significant, positive difference in their next draft."

Sometimes it was difficult deciding which were the most important areas to highlight for improvement. If the essay was written in poor English, but still understandable, I rarely deducted marks unless the rubric specifically said it should be written without errors. If I couldn't understand, I might write something like, "I am not sure what you mean by XXXXXX. Could you say it differently?"
I echo the views of some writers in which for non-native speakers, the degree to which the person understands and express his or her view on a particular issue varies. But in the interest of learning, I believe the suggestions put forward by @Claire are worth following. Firstly, the feedback should be positive in that it helps the person receiving it to improve his or her understanding of the subject. Secondly, the feedback has be to be as simple as possible for the receiver to understand.

Ultimately, the end goal is to make this forum as a place for everyone (participants) to learn to from.
I like these type of acronyms, every important thing is there and easy to memorize.
Its really very helpful and interesting. It is the best way to improve our work and get it better. Feedback should be taken positively regardless of it being good or bad feedback. Thanks 'Claire' for giving this wonderful feedback related information.

Thank you,
Thank you so much for this. it adds up to my knowledge on how i should be giving feedback. I will take note of this, so that next time i can give a better feed back
well written
The feedback is helpful to recipient and clear message with interactive manner. Positive/ Negative feedback provider is trusted by the feedback recipient. Providing peer feedback important task, but useful for development and changing.


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