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Getting start with tensorflow and neural networks

  • 21 July 2019
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when I decide to get started with neural networks and deep learning , there were lot of options /resources but finally i got something worth for your time :

Highly recommended for everyone , who wants to start with deep learning

2 replies

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Hello @datashubham, I took the specialization and recommend it to other learners too 👍🏻
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Greetings @datashubham,

Very kind to share your opinion on how start and get into this subject that grows even more and more, by the fact that through this you can do things that could not be done before, directly related to the area of Exact and Natural Sciences, as well as in other areas of knowledge.

Based on your high recommendation on specialization, this are composed of five courses, i suggested to following the order of courses starting with the one which is neural networks and deep learning.

As the sets theory is the basis of abstract algebra, I can say that neural networks is the one that will give you the foundations to undertake this field, showing you what it's, how and why new models can be made.

Throughout my participation as a mentor, I have felt pleasant experiences on the part of the learners, sharing them as examples to motivate anyone with encouragement and dedication, it is possible to learn.

In the first case, he is a learner from China, who within the discussion forums wrote that despite having the expected results, he could not move forward due to an error generated in the qualification. So with the participation of two mentors, we decided to write the different methodologies that could solve the problem, but after a week he continued with the "error" highlighting his desire to continue and not give up.
Thus, by means of paying attention to check carefully both the lines of codes, as well as the predetermined elements of the activity. He realized that accidentally deleted the line #Graded function: propagate, while he was exploring.
Curious and unexpected on his part, because he thought his mistake was due to lack of knowledge.

Another situation was about a learner from Romania, which wanted to reproduce the results on their local computer having Ubuntu as operating system, a very interesting fact, in which we presented ideas within the forum and he could get it thanks to the instructions and the motivation to persist for every error that was presented within the process, for me it was a great satisfaction to support him in his goal.

And to culminate with a last one, was the fact of knowing that a teenager is in the course and had all the desire to complete, however, he commented in the forum that it was difficult mathematics. As a mediator between his level of knowledge and the scope that wanted to obtain, i say that need a bridge and are the mathematics, can be basic but fundamental knowledge, such as linear algebra, functions, derivatives, matrices and keep moving forward, the fact is that he have the attitude and I am impressed see it enrolled that it would be wonderful for me to finish it (it's halfway through), let's hope can gets it.

They are experiences that encourage the circumstance of having the availability of acquiring knowledge along with the motivation to know that you can perform as many things as you propose and more into this field.

It is a very nice specialization, I also recommend as a starting point. That for me I still feel im learning but with already structured bases to understand, interpret, analyze and knowing where can apply these tools to achieve a goal or propose projects.
The experience along the process, the trying again and again are good forge to learn and improve about this field.