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Emotional intelligence leadership skills

  • 6 November 2018
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Im fairly new in my position and am looking to obtain proper managment intelligence.?
Looking for complete free course. And or inquiring about some training.

4 replies

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@Ashnictay1012 Welcome to Coursera and to this platform. I did this course some two years ago and would still recommend it is on Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western University which has many interesting assignments that makes you emerge as the most probable Leader in the room. At that time it was single course and syllabus was a bit vast. Now, it has turned into a Specialization and part of Inspired Leadership Certificate course. Hope that answers your question.
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Ok cool thank you. Now i nust got to wait for the funds to do it 🙂 exciting. 💗
@Ashnictay1012 , Coursera has financial aid for those who need it. You can ask the Help Center or search for how to obtain it. It might be worth it to apply so you can takenthis course. Best of success to you.
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Hi @Ashnictay1012 , following what @Judith said, there are no free courses in Coursera at the moment if you wish to obtain a certificate. You may be able to follow some courses for free but you may not be able to take the quizzes or assignments to receive their certificate. However, there is a financial aid if you would like to receive a certificate and you cannot afford it. Best wishes.