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Coursera should add a private area of courses of interest

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Hi everybody!

First I must thank Coursera for its visionary insight when it started with only four courses back in 2011 if my memory is right.

I have a suggestion for Coursera but it's not for a new course, it's for a new feature. Since I didn't find a better place to post it, I found this area reasonable. I hope it's ok. Here it is.

Sometimes I see courses which I am very interested but I can't do at the moment. There should exist a feature where we could save the courses we are interested in so we can quickly find and start them later. I think it would also be a treasure of information for Coursera for several purposes. Maybe, for instance, based on what a person marks as his/hers courses of interest, Coursera could suggest a common path made of some or all of these courses marked as interesting to accomplish them in order of difficulty. This path could be sent by email or presented to the user when he/she visit this personal area of courses of interest. That's just one vague example that comes to my mind right now, but there are a lot of new information that could be obtained from this feature, and, again, it would be very useful to users.


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Hi @José Roberto Teixeira. We don't have a place for the community to post their feature requests just yet but thanks for taking the time to give feedback. I've moved your post to the Study Tips forum.
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It's great to help! I hope people enjoy and support the ideia!


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