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Could MOOC completion rate really represent MOOC success?

  • 10 November 2018
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@Maryam a d @TanjadeBie, we need to study the statistics of MOOCs differently than a University class. Using material as references for some is excellent. I know I have been curious about some courses and have wanted to sign up for them just to read the materials. It seems challenging to measure a success rate then. How do you ever know when someone is mentioning material from a course and how can you effectively and accurately measure the impact a course has had on someone?
Good question, @Judith. Tracking learners' clicks and behavior on the course pages is possible, but it is not easy to examine how and where the information (they have gained via consulting the course) will be actually used. Sending out surveys could be a good way. The problem is that some people might simply refuse to respond to surveys.
@Maryam, I, too, wonder about the validity of surveys. People who are either very pleased or very displeased are probably the ones who fill out surveys because they have strong opinions they want expressed. I was recently sent a survey I declined to respond to because I didn’t have anything productive to say. Criticism for the sake of criticism, without solutions makes me feel uncomfortable to express. Perhaps a survey can be built into a course making it mandatory to respond to?
So true, @Judith. Well, mandatory in-course survey sounds like a good solution theoretically. Practically, however, I am not sure if it is feasible. How would you make it mandatory?
@Maryam , I would include a survey as part of an assignment,. It would have point values and rubrics. Critical analysis of a course is an excellent evalauative tool that could be used.: )