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  • 17 August 2019
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Hello Everyone, My Name is Amjad and I am computer science student in Germany. My curriculum is designed to have to special areas of focus which I will start doing from next semester. Eech special area consist of three subjects. As I am interested in cyber security I will definitely choose the Information security specialization. But I am really confused and hesitant about what a good useful combination would be for my future career. So I have not made my mind yet and I have a month to decide what is the other specialization that I must follow. The other available ones are:
Note that I listed in paranthesis the subjects which will be taught in each specialization.

Information systems (Database programmin, Data Wearhousing, Operation research).
Mobile computing (Mobile application development, Web engineering, IOT)
Service Robotics (Embeded Systems, Realtime systems, Autonomous Systems)
Computer Engineering (Computer architecture, hardware oriented programming, Digital systems)

So please anyone with experience working the CyberSecurity industry or IT industry if you could help me to make the most appropriate choice because I know that there is no right or wrong choice in this context.

Thank you in advance!

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