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Can reviewers grade my assignment again?

  • 8 January 2019
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Good day to all. I just received my first feedback on my first Peer-graded assignment. 3 Persons did review my assignment and I got almost three different results.
Currently I asked for more detailed feedback since it is not clear to me what is exactly needed to improve my assignment.
Question: can the reviewers do their grading of my assignment again (or change their current grading) without me re-submitting the assignment? Or is it always necessary to re-submit the assignment ones you receive a grade too low to pass? Any information is welcome. Thank you.

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1 reply

@MCouenberg , it is very frustrating not to understand how to make your assignment better! Currently, the system is flawed in that you cannot communicate with the person who graded you. You might be able to ask the mentor in your course to look at it and comment, but not grade it. They have accesss to assignments.
Once you grade an assignment, you cannot go back and grade it again. Your best option would be to resubmit it so you get fresh new reviews.But before you do,carefully go over it yourself. If people don’t agree on the grade, then you might not be clear, or might not be responding to the rubrics well. There shouldn’t be diverse grades if your work is excellent. I learned that because this is a global community, you need to use short sentences and be very very clear about your intentions. There needs to be no question about you were saying.

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