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Can I resubmit a peer assignment that got 100%

  • 19 December 2018
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hi Claire, May I ask a question...that relates to one of my coursera class. I submitted a peer graded essay for grading in one of my class. Five peers graded and I received full score (they chose 3 best scores). One of the peer, actually did not give full score but gave very useful feedback. I learned a lot from that feedback. Now, I have also completed the class. Can I still revise my essay (which already has full score) and re-submit? Is that ok on the coursera platform for one to submit already graded and passed with full score work to be re-submitted for peer grading? I am little confused and thought this is the great thread to ask this question...any thoughts?

What should I do? Is that ok for me to re-submit without violating any honor code?

7 replies

Hi @Sonal Patel , so good to see you here. I don’t really have a definitive answer for you, but just a question. If you have recieved full score for your assignment why would you want to resubmit it? Thanks.
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Thank Judith. Still, I loved the feedback, that was to deepen my understanding! So, I feel like I should revise it, even for my own sake, may be? If I revise, I thought should I resubmit too? My question, i posted here, as, it is confusing me at this time... still I may revise it, mainly to add appropriate references to concepts --- thanks for your respond Judith...!
@Sonal Patel , it is so good to hear that you got good feedback!
This sort of happened to me the first time I took a MOOC. I didn’t realize what my peers would be like, or what it meant to be involved in a global community. My assignments made too many assumptions, as if an Instructor were reading it. My feedback helped me to understand that I needed to have more clarity for the particular people who would read it. But the course had ended. My grades were excellent, but I wanted 100%, wanted to make sure everyone understood my assignment. There was no going back. The only option was to retake the course, which I did! I enjoyed taking it again, (it was free) and was able to perfect my assignments.
Perhaps the Help Center can intervene for you here.
If not, for your own records, you can redo it and save it for a personal file.
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thanks Judith. I was also thinking it --modify it and save it for my own personal record... nice meeting you here and I do think the importance of good feedback, that triggers our thinking and deepen our understanding. I value that more than the numerical score.

In my personal evaluation, I take away points only when I have an actionable feedback on how to improve. I take classes on MOOCs for my personal growth and I define my success based on how well I can apply what I learn to better my own self and help others...often we learn more by applying what we learn in our own life and while helping others...

All learners are capable of this ...and we all strive to get better every day, help others and create better world together.

I appreciate your thoughtful responses Judith and grateful for those.

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You can resubmit assignments as many times as you want to. As far as I know it makes no difference if you got 100% or less.

I've moved this into a new thread since it seemed like a distinct question, different from the discussion about giving feedback.
@Sonal Patel
It depends on whether you have finished the course . I couldn’t re-submit after receiving a final grade, which seems pretty logical. So, I reckon you should be able to edit and resubmit. Hope it works!
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thank you all Claire, Judith and Lochcarron for your replies. Appreciate all your responses and are all helpful....thanks again.


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