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Are you ready to learn online?

  • 23 January 2019
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Were you nervous about enrolling in your first online course? What were your concerns about online learning?

Here's a 30-question survey that helps people think about whether or not they're ready for online learning:

Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire

This survey was developed by Penn State University in the US. Some of the questions may be more or less applicable for you, but the results may give helpful insights into which areas you may need more support.

The survey assesses self-direction, learning preferences, study habits, technology skills, and computer equipment capabilities.

What do you think of the survey?

2 replies

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WELL! I took the survey and it recommended I take several iStudy tutorials before I attempt any online study.

Obviously all the courses I've done weren't real online courses!

I am aware that many MOOCs are not at the same high level of commitment as an official university course. For instance, one issue highlighted by the survey is that a university course is likely to take 10 or more hours per week (for up to 15 weeks). Few MOOCs require this level of commitment.

I am concerned that many people who take this survey will be deterred from even attempting online study.
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Yes, great points, @Pat B. This survey seems to define online learning as a very specific kind of online learning in a course that requires a big time commitment.

Do you know of other online surveys that help people determine whether to try an online course?

I'm guessing that as MOOCs become more popular, they become less intimidating. And as a result, people don't necessarily need to assess their readiness. This is especially true for courses that offer open content so people can try a course to find out if they want to continue with it.

(By the way, I also got results that gave me some suggestions for helping me get ready for online learning – they were all welcome suggestions, as I liked having some more resources for things like time management!)