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  • 9 June 2019
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Hey Courserians!

I would like to share my experience about "AI For Everyone"Course with you all.
AI For Everyone course by Andrew Ng is brilliant. It has structured extremely well and all concepts have been explained with very easy examples.
Upon learning and successful completion of this course, now i am in a position to understand the difference between Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, Neural networks and Data Science.

Aside this i have also learned how to build an AI project, how can we build an AI team within our company, and lot more......

I sincerely recommend this course to people who have interest in the field of Artificial intelligence.
#artificialintelligence #datascience #machinelearning #deeplearning

PS: Feel free to reach me in case of any help/information required on this subject.


5 replies

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Dear Kalyan:

welcome iAppreciate your proficiency thread let me know abou it

ilook forward to hearing from you soon

Good Luck
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Hi @Bahamas2020

Please let me know what exactly you are looking for so that i can help you out.

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Dear kalyan:

thanks alot for your reply iam ineresting in data science and computer if you can provide new technology iam impatient to know and learn iam pleased to meet scientist

you are welcome
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Hey @Bahamas2020

Thank you for your keen interest in knowing about Data Science!

What is Data Science?

Data Science is also an umbrella term, overlapping with AI. For me, Data Science (or Data-Driven Science) is the intersection between Statistics and Computer Science – building processes, systems and algorithms based on statistical formulas – aimed at processing data and gaining useful knowledge through its understanding.
Data Science can also be thought of as a 3-step process: data gathering, data processing, and creation of a model, or obtainment of the relevant insight.

How one can learn Data Science?

In order to get familiar /master in data science you need to follow the below path. This is how i begin my journey.

(1) First of all you need to be a Master in any of the Programming language either Python or R .(I prefer Python)
(2) You have to gain a knowledge in Python packages like Numpy,Pandas,Matplotlib,SKlearn
(3) You need to have a good logical sense of programming & good knowledge of syntax like in which condition what can you do with programming
(4) You have to gain a good amount of knowledge in Data structure & algorithms
(5) You need to gain a knowledge of Data patterns understanding & Data visualization understanding
(6) You have to be a good in Mathematics (Linear algebra etc) & Statistics
(7) You have to gain a good knowledge to understand the flow of data than data pre-processing techniques like
-> Handle missing values
-> Encode a categorical values
-> One Hot encoding
-> Data splitting in Training & Testing
(8) Than you can jump into Machine learning ,than you have to gain a knowledge in Supervised & Unsupervised techniques and than you have to gain a knowledge of ML algorithms like
-> Linear Regression
-> Logistic Regression
-> Decision Tree
-> K-NN
-> SVM
-> Naive Bayes
(9) And most important thing is that you need to know where you can apply which type of algorithm according to the patterns of Data
(10) Once you are familiar with above things then you are good to jump into deep leaning. The concept deep learning can be only understand once we have good enough knowledge in programming and Machine learning.

Courses which i recommend you complete :

(1) Basic Statistics/Python for statistics
(2) Python for Everybody
(3) Machine learning with python IBM
(4) Andrew NG ML course on
(5) Deep

Note! Please take a note that all the above courses are exclusively available in Coursera!

Pro Tips : -
(1) Use internet for gaining knowledge
(2) Always read a blogs & Research paper
(3) Use Coursera Community,Kaggle ,Stackoverflow , Github for knowledge
(4) Follow Data science pages on social sites so you can get a knowledge via posts & memes

I hope this information helps you!

Happy learning:)

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Dear Kalyan:

wow iam so exceited to know about it thanks alot for your share infos iwill focus in this field keep me on line for all discussion more

Best Wish