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Upskilling to Data analytics

  • 14 October 2020
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Hello Everyone

I am Kiron James, an independent Software consultant. I have a bachelors degree in Mathematics and IT and diploma in business management from Chennai, India. With electives in finance and accounting I do have strong skills in finance. 

I have worked in various roles as an IT resource covering infrastructure support, software development and Application support. I have lived in Sydney for the past 23 years working mainly in the IT space. With a recent MBA in finance from Australia I am hoping for a career change in finance.

I have enrolled in the IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate and am into the third week of my course and I find it really interesting.  An IBM analytics certification will definitely help me as I move in a new career direction as analysing financial data will be vital to the jobs I would be interested in. 

My hobbies are novella writing and being an illustrator. I get myself involved in community based charity work like fund raising and refugee rehabilitation programs whenever an opportunity appears.

It would be great to know what everyone is hoping to get by upskilling to data analytics and the type of industry background they are from.


2 replies

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Hi Mr. Kiron 

Pleasure too meet you if you’re interested then we discusses about some Python, MYSQL, and Machine Learning’s entry level to intermediate level work and possibly some projects work as well.

So let me give my intro. I am Jignesh Patel and I am living Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and bit about my background I was working about 12 year’s in Manufacturing Industry, previously I am Associate Degree In mechanical engineer, But recently due to the COVID19 I lost my jobs and looking different carriers path’s so, I decided let’s try IT industry and particularly ML 

Any way I did enroll some courses through any way Hope so see you in the learning’s paths as well carrier path too.

Feel free to ask me any questions If I don’t have answers then we can figure out together. By the way I add link to where I live just for reference it is cold place. 

See you soon.

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Hi Mr. Jignesh

Thanks for your message. It would be a good idea to do some work together but due to different time zones promptness may not be possible. Though I am a developer I am new to Python, so I maybe only as good as you. I am not sure which course you are enrolled in as I cannot see your introduction in the Data analytics course. We can still give it a try if you are enrolled in data analytics so we are working with similar topics and projects.


COVID 19 is playing causing problems with employment everywhere and Australia where I am from is no exception.