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suggest me best IBM professional certificate Ai or data science

  • 2 September 2019
  • 4 replies

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Can I know which professional certificate is best ,either the IBM artificial intelligence professional certificate or IBM data science professional certificate..thanks for advance

4 replies

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Data science is probably more practical at present...
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It depends on your current and future focus. If you are relatively new, I would recommend the Data Science as this will ground you in the field. Should you already be familiar with (un)supervised learning, hyperparameter tuning, ensemble models, etc. then I would recommend the AI pathway. I believe, the AI path includes 11 courses but if you are proficient in Python it should pose no problem. Note that that for several courses you will need to sign up for a free IBM Cloud account .
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Hello @Balu,

the IBM Data Science certificate is more recommended for beginners, and then you can take the second one.

Thanks for the helpful answers by @McCloud77 and @MaksimMi
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Hi @Balu,

In my opinion, both are excellent due to their content, at you see it you know will be very significant for your learning.

I agree with the comments, in my opinion if I organize them, I would take into account @McCloud77 first, because the two are categorized as a beginner difficulty, so I highlight the fact that AI is more conceptual, it will give you the fundamental knowledge to you understand this field as such, then I would place the @MaksimMi and @Mo Rebaie comments, because DS is more practical based on large amounts of information, that is, there you would establish the relationship between what was learned focused on practice, this without saying that one depends on the other, it's just my perspective to participate in this post 🙂.

Could you tell us if it would be your first contact with this AI / DS field or do you have courses already taken that contribute to the best understanding and development at the cognitive level in this area.