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Need guidance regarding my career direction

  • 11 September 2019
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Hello everyone,

My name is Alina Nadeem. I am a second year, mass communication, bachelor student in UAE. I am currently completing my bachelor's degree in strategic communication at my university, I am also planning to do a minor in IT. I have almost completed the Google IT Support Professional Certificate; currently, I am on my last week of the program. This program had actually sparked my interest for IT; however, my main concern is how I would go about this with my career in the future.
I thought that mass communication and Information technology would make a good combination for my career and would help me expand my options in the future since they are somewhat interrelated. So, I thought of doing a bit of research about the job opportunities that are offered for an associate degree in Information technology. But, as I searched through job descriptions for basic jobs such as a computer support specialist role, it is mentioned in the job description of this position that a minimum of 5 years of experience is required!
By the time I graduate, I'll have just an associate degree in Information technology and I'm not sure if my side-career in IT will actually get me into a job. Kindly, if anyone could be so kind as to guide me regarding this and whether I have made the right choice of choosing IT as a side-career. I am very worried and in need of consultation.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Best regards,
Coursera's student,
Alina Nadeem

3 replies

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@Alina Nadeem Nice work on almost finishing your certificate! Perhaps you can get a referral from someone whom works at a company you'd like to work in IT at. I would recommend speaking with your guidance counselor at your college about career direction and try reaching out to the hiring managers at companies hiring for the roles you want to fill, for feedback.
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Thank you for your reply Mr. Aaron!

I just graduated from the Google IT support program yesterday and I have recieved my specialization degree!!

I cannot believe I made it through all the 5 courses considering the fact that I was relatively new to IT. But, I was ready and keen to learn.

All the instructors had a unique style of teaching and added their special touch to the lectures which made them really interesting, creative and sometimes even humorous (hats off to them for finding a playful side to IT and helping us understand it as well).

My favourite part was when the instructors took the time out to especially motivate us and congratulate us at the end of each course saying "You got this!" and "You'r almost done, good job!". Those were the words that honestly kept me going. At times, I would even watch these ''motivational videos' 3 to 4 times! It just boosted my moral and energy to keep moving forward.

I thank all of my instructors from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Coursera and the community!

Alina Nadeem,
Google IT Support Graduate.
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Regarding my career:

After hours and days of career searches online, I have finally found a career that fits my interests.

I have also made a short 3 page document on my career plan as of 2019 (at 19-years-old).

For reference, kindly see the attached pictures.

Thank you for your time and patience!

Google IT Support Graduate,
Alina Nadeem