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IBM Data Science Professional Certification final assignment

  • 8 September 2019
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I was enrolled in the fourth course of the certification "Python for Data Science". All was going well until the final assignment in week 5. The course documentation for the final assignment was outdated and inaccurate. IBM changed the format of their website, but the course instructors did not update the course documentation to reflect that new website changes. Not only is the documentation outdated and completely useless, the instructors are not even providing accurate workarounds to the outdated documentation on the course forum. Many students have / are complaining they are not getting acceptable responses from the instructors. I finally gave up and quit the specialization after I asked for help 4 times in getting around the material defect and my questions went unanswered. I asked for help 4 times and not 1 instructor answered!

Has anyone else experienced this unprofessional behavior from the course instructors, and if so, how did you work around the outdated material? Did you finish the final assignment?

I have to say, I was all pumped and excited about this program and did well in the 1st three courses and did well in this Python course, right up until the final assignment. This is frustrating and completely ridiculous! Very unprofessional on the part of IBM.

7 replies

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IBM seems to have repackaged some old courses present either on its CognitiveClass website or on Coursera into a Professional Certificate Program. Unfortunately, IBM forgot to update the courses and support is non-existent at best. Hopefully, someone at Coursera will read these comments and escalate it to someone who is able to do something about it.
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Thanks for the heads up! No sense in taking the course if you can't complete it.
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@David M Price thanks for sharing your feedback! IBM is aware of this issue and is already working on updating the course.
Hello @David M Price , thanks for the heads up according to my records other Watson Studio instructions where updated on September 4, I will get the teaching staff (TS) to double check. If you are referring to object storage please leave a note and the TS's will update, we found the people who chose to complete the optional section usually had no issues.

In addition sometimes TS's miss questions can you repost it. Perhaps your question was given on the weekend as it seems that the TS's are answering posts as shown by the following image:

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@ Claire and Joseph S - Thank you for this information. I'll wait a while then restart that course and finish the final when all the material is updated. Thanks again!
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Hi all,


I just enroll in Python for Data Science, part of IBM Data Science Pro Cert.

Anyone can advise if below are normal? I have to wait till 21 Oct 2019 to complete the lab.

Same goes to other lab exercises. Most of  them are ungraded, except Week 5 - Analyzing US economic data & building dashboard.

So I plan to skip all ungraded lab exercises and only focus on week 5 assignment.




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Don’t worry about that,Ong_k.s. I experienced that when I was in 7-day free audit track. After 7 days, every section will unlock, and if you didn’t attend some courses you had enrolled, Coursera would contact you and do some survey.

Ching-hsiu Lee