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How to Turn a Professional Certificate into a New Career

  • 22 February 2020
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How to Turn a Professional Certificate into a New Career
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Completing a Professional Certificate program can be a great first step towards a new career.

But how do you leverage your new training to actually get your first job in a new field?

Join this webinar with career coach Vera Fishman to learn how to effectively discuss your new skills, previous experience, and career goals to get the job of your dreams.

We'll cover relevant aspects of resume writing, networking, and interviewing, so your Professional Certificate can support you at every step of your job search.

This webinar took place on 11 March. Here’s the recording:


Date: Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Time: 5–6 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Find the time in your location.

Reply to this post with any questions you’d like Vera to answer in the webinar. There will be time for questions during the webinar, too. If you can’t attend live, that’s okay, the webinar will be recorded.

About the Speaker

Vera Fishman is a Learner Services Program Manager at Coursera, where her goal is to provide every Professional Certificate learner and alum with tools for landing their dream job. She is a certified coach and has spent the past 5 years supporting people at all professional levels through career transitions.

Vera built out her career coaching expertise at a leading global outplacement company, Lee Hech Harrison, where she coached hundreds of professionals from major Silicon Valley companies and ran workshops on every step of the job search process (resume writing, career discovery, interviewing – you name it!).

Before Coursera, she developed and delivered an innovative job search curriculum at Udacity, where she advised learners of job guarantee programs. Prior to becoming a coach Vera had a whole different career in marketing, and a shorter one in non-profit community management – so she is no stranger to career-changing herself. 

A native of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Vera has spent her adult life in Silicon Valley, where she feels most at home and comfortable – aside from not liking to have to drive everywhere.

11 replies

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Hello Laura and Welcome Vera…

I'm glad to be part of this community. And I just recently completed the IBM Data Science Professional Specialisation and I have also learnt some skills outside this platform all relevant to becoming a Data Scientist or Data Analyst.

I have extensive back ground experience in Sales and Customer service and now I'm transitioning to full Data Scientist role.

1  How do I project my skills and abilities on my Resume and platforms like LinkedIn to impress potential Employers and land an interview or better... A job offer using my Professional Course Certificate?

2. Do you know if Employers truly value a MOOC Certificate like those from Coursera, even though some may come with an IBM Badge or Logo affixed?




Hello there, does taking Certification Examination after Completing the Professional Certificate Enhance the chances of Landing a Job?

  1. What else could a Student possibly do after Completing Professional Certificates to be in a position to get a job in that particular field? Thank you.( In my case I have a gap of few years after my 11th Grade, had a rough time and didn’t do much of anything but now  I’m focused) 

What does it take to get a graduate Visa Sponsorship job and how do one go about it. I have been applying for awhile now but to no avail.


Laura / Vera,


Could you please share the recording link for the webinar done yesterday ?




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Yes, @Raju, the webinar recording will be posted soon. Thanks for checking in!


Yes, @Raju, the webinar recording will be posted soon. Thanks for checking in!

Thanks @Laura for the Info.

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How to get 1 year free big interview access ?


Please can I get the webinar recording. Thank you

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Hi @Apurv2310. The 1-year free access to Big Interview is offered to people who have completed (or have almost completed) a Professional Certificate. 

Hi @Emy. The recording has been added to the above post. Thanks!

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@Laura I have completed IBM Professional certificate . I am in the Project completion now.

Let me know how can i claim this offer

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@Apurv2310 - as Laura had mentioned above, you need to complete a Professional Certificate in order to get access to Big Interview. You will receive an email with an invitation to the private Professional Certificate Alumni Resources forum once you complete your program and will be able to access Big Interview there. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions after that!