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Have not received badge for specialist in data science

  • 29 October 2019
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Certificate states, “Upon receiving the certificate for completion of the specialization, you will also receive an IBM Badge as a Specialist in Data Science Foundations”. When will this be issued?

5 replies


Badges are issued through a separate entity. You should receive an e-mail from them within a few days to sign and claim your badge. 

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Hi @LBHunter 

Coursera - IBM Data Science Badges

There is a section on the above mentioned page which explains what learners should do when they have questions about those badges. 


I hope this helps.

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Hi @Kalyan -

I contacted Acclaim and they are no help. David Ohnstad from their support sent an email stating, “ I am unable to locate these badge(s) issued to you in our system under your name or lisa.b.hunter@ibm.com address provided.” On the page of the link you provided, it states to contact Coursera with a link to the Help Center. I attached a Snagit of it. 

Yet another broken link in the chain...:confused:

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This was also stated by David Ohnstad:


Hello again,

We do not legally own the information stored with in the badge. Therefore, we can not issue it to you. The responsibility of issuing badges lies solely on them. Please contact them again and if the badge has already been issued I can try to find it for you.

David Ohnstad

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After following the instructions sent to me from Coursera, this is the response:


Re: Fw: Re: [EXTERNAL] [Support Reply] Re: Badge for Specialist in Data Science

11:34 Badge Support to meSent by:Larissa Riserio CustodioShow more    Hi Lisa,
Acclaim is a platform. IBM Badges are issued through Acclaim, and our badges metadata are hosted in Acclaim. But Acclaim do not issue badges on our (or any organization's) behalf.

The badge you mentioned - Data Science Foundations - is an IBM Badge delivered and issued by Coursera. Coursera is the part responsible for issuing this badge to students. Please create a ticket with them so that this can be investigated: https://learner.coursera.help/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=120983
Best Regards,  

IBM Digital Badge Program Support Team
(Hint - For faster resolution on your inquiry next time, try contacting the Badge Issuer directly.
Contact details are located in the
 Additional Details or View Additional Information  link in each badge.)
IBMers: Need badge support? This 2 min video contains instructions on how to find the Badge Owner contact: http://ibm.biz/BadgeEarnerOrientation
Non-IBMers can find instructions on finding a badge owner here - https://youtu.be/H9hCUmvPOWQ