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Google IT Support Cert Graduates

  • 1 September 2019
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has completed the certification and if it allowed them to find gainful employment? If so, could you share your story?

3 replies

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Hello Mr. Aaron,

Regarding the Google IT support Professional certificate, I'm currently on my last course of the program "IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts" and I have 2 weeks left to complete the entire program.

I'm not sure about it's benefits jobwise, but it equips you with the fundamental skills that an IT support specialist should have.
Also, it is a beginner level course for people who are not studying IT, but would like to learn about it.

As, a 19-year-old mass communication bachelor student and also a complete novice in IT, I got to learn a lot from this course. This course actually helped spark my interest for IT and I got to know whether I am willing to put in the effort for studying IT. Due to the same reason, I am now planning to take IT as a minor at my university.

All in all, this program turned out to be quite a page-turner in my life. I would recommend this course to people who would like to learn about IT and to develop the basic knowledge regarding this field and also to explore their interests in it.

Thank you.

Alina Nadeem
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Alina, thanks for sharing!
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The pleasure is all mine, Sir!

Sir, you know, I have shared Coursera's link on my facebook so others can also benefit from it as I did.
I have also guided many of the people who have asked me about this program and how to join it.

I cannot thank Coursera and it's community enough for the profound support and guidance they have provided to their learners worldwide.

Thank you, Coursera for helping us build the confidence in ourselves to become self-driven learners. I really appreciate it!

Best regards,
Coursera's student,
Alina Nadeem