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Career Support Resources for Professional Certificate Alumni

  • 7 September 2019
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Career Support Resources for Professional Certificate Alumni
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It can be difficult finding a new job, especially if you’re changing your career path. To help, we provide career support resources that help you make the transition.

When you finish a Professional Certificate program on Coursera, you’ll unlock:

Exclusive Access to the Professional Certificate Alumni Community
We hope the Professional Certificate open community has already helped you find a supportive network of friends to help you when things get difficult. Once you complete your Professional Certificate program you’ll get access to a separate, private community for Professional Certificate alumni. There, you can continue building your professional network, share advice or job opportunities you’ve found, gain access to career support resources, and share your progress and successes with a community who can support you and celebrate with you!

You will receive an email with information on how to access your alumni job search support resources within 10 days of completing your Professional Certificate. If you already completed a Professional Certificate and have questions, you can contact Coursera Career Services Team by emailing

Job Search Guide
For most job searches, it isn’t enough simply to apply to a few companies and then wait to hear back. Coursera’s Career Team has put together a comprehensive job search guide to help you use the most effective job search tactics and stay on track.

Interview Preparation
Once you complete your Professional Certificate, Coursera will pay for a 1-year subscription to Big Interview for you (a $948 value). Big Interview is an interview training site developed by top interview coach Pamela Skillings, which provides expert video lessons and an interactive interview practice tool to help you land your dream job. They also offer great advice on writing your resume and crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile.

Hiring Partnerships
For many Professional Certificate programs, we’ve partnered with companies who recognize the Professional Certificate credential and will consider applicants from the program. These companies understand the quality of training the Professional Certificate program provides and will consider candidates who may not have some of the other qualifications or prior experience they usually look for. You can find more information about hiring partners for each program here.

Advice from Experts
We bring in hiring managers and people working in Professional Certificate-related roles to share their advice and answer your questions via live webinars and Q&As. These are similar to the events you’ve already seen in this Professional Certificate open community, but are more tailored specifically to job hunting.

We hope you’ll feel confident working through your Professional Certificate knowing that there’s support waiting for you when you’re ready to land a new job!

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