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When to Cancel Your Subscription

  • 30 October 2020
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When to Cancel Your Subscription
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Coursera subscriptions are automatically canceled when you receive your Specialization Certificate. The Specialization Certificate is only granted after you’ve successfully completed every course included in the Specialization you are subscribed to. 

However, the system may take a few days to cancel the subscription automatically. If you complete a Specialization too close to your next scheduled billing date it may generate an unwanted charge.

With this in mind, I suggest that you cancel your subscription manually from your My Purchases page after receiving your Specialization Certificate if your next billing date is coming up soon. This will not affect your Certificates in any way. 

In the event that you do get charged, you can visit the Help Center in order to get in contact with a support specialist.

To do this, please enter the Help Center and log in from the top right corner. Then, look for the option to contact “Contact us” at the bottom of an article like this one.

Stay tuned for more pro tips!

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