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electrical and electronics engineering

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I am a student of electrical and electronics engineering. Are there any courses you recommend for me?

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Hi dear. This is an open forum so anytime you want to make a question here, try to be the most specific you can, in order to receive the best help. 

For example, based on your question, I might assume you’re asking about Electronics, but this is not a correct inference, right? Actually I made a course (Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential - Coursera) that can be summed up as: If you are a technical-job person, you should better balance yourself with Soft-skills such as Networking, Team-working and alike.Or that might be extended to Computational skills? you got it.

As for §1 anyway, just make me list some courses I think of

  • From NAND to Tetris
  • Power Electronics
  • Experiment Design
  • IOT with Arduino (Irvine, CA) and Arduino for Robotics
  • and of course Tinkering with Electronics :P 

If you want a preview without subscribing (Audit mode is ALWAYS free anyway), you open the Weeks in the course home and you click on the first items so they launch a preview mode.

Best luck

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yes it was a very general question. I will review the courses you suggest and decide where to start. Thank you so much.

thank you too, for appreciating -- I personally think the clear idea comes from messing up, so remember to be curious!