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What Would You Like to Do on a Day Off?

  • 29 June 2019
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You have worked hard all week and have even completed all your household chores. You have a day off!
How would you like to spend this day?
Perhaps you might stay home and read all day? Go for a hike? Go to a museum? See a friend? Play music?

Please share with us what you would do if you finally had a whole day to yourself. 😀

6 replies

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Besides MOOCS, I brush up on ESL pedagogy and the Sustainable Development Goals, so come this fall I can wow on a volunteer teaching position interview with Peace Boat, an NGO that travels the world promoting peace, human rights, and sustainability. Anyone watch Bill Maher or John Oliver? Mexican food is a must. I wish I could have Little Sheep. Might see a movie with my sister if she's in town. Some sake or Tsingtao with Lindsey Stirling once in a while never hurts. Mod XCOM 2. Glue some Space Wolves. Audible. Put things on my Amazon wish list I can never buy. In the near future, volunteer for Elizabeth Warren.



@destonttanner , we enjoy many similar things. I also watch those TV shows as well as Samantha B’s Full Frontal and 60 Minutes, all shows that deal with the kinds of issues that are important. Elizabeth Warren comes from my state so she means much to me too.In these challenging times, it is important for us to become involved, to create a better earth.
What Mexican food do you enjoy? I enjoy a good chicken mole.
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Greetings @Judith,
The time you have know how to distribute, understanding that it's necessary to work hard, also you must certainly dedicate time to be with yourself.

I want to share these two photos that i did in one of my "Days off" 🙂
hope that like you and also for the community looking participation of the other members.

@Luis Gerardo Ayala B. , you are so talented! I love the photo of the magnificent bubble! The boy is so awed by it. Children love bubbles, it makes them happy. I was always fascinated by bubbles....you never known what you will create. If you blow very gently you can create a giant bubble, but you need to know exactly when to release it....or blow hard and fast and see lots of bubbles scatter about !

You raised an important point, to “dedicate time to yourself.” I agree, but some people find their greatest pleasure being with other people . You need to have a balance of alone time vs people time!

As always, it is such a pleasure to meet you again. I read your “feature “ and was surprised to learn how young in age you are! You are so wise for your age. It’s wonderful.
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I appreciate the value of your words @Judith,
I feel that i'm learning from the best, it seems to me very pleasant what you say is certainly pleasure to interact with others is what makes us express and communicate.

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Then evidencing the importance of each of these prestigious Named-entities and my National education, is to assume the certificates obtained as an achievement of belonging to the alma mater respectively.

Thus, I see myself as a participant in the vision to continue maintaining the quality and presence they have in the global and social context, in the same way for all the universities and institutions affiliated to this platform.

For me it's a great privilege to grow with coursera and to generate participation spaces on the members to foment a more inclusive community, attending to the comments, suggestions or opinions that help me to continue in my development process.
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I love my coursera courses - this is the second one (sustainable development goals), the first was on chimp behaviour. But I’ll also read, go for a run in our beautiful meadow, play music, visit a gallery or museum ... so much to choose from! A day off will often end up being hijacked by household chores though 😡sadly!