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What are your top course recommendations for soft skills in the workplace?

  • 15 August 2019
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What are your top course recommendations for soft skills in the workplace?
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We want your top Coursera course/Specialization recommendations on the theme of key soft skills in the workplace!

☑ Have you taken at least four Coursera courses to improve your soft skills?

☑ Have you applied what you learned to your work?

☑ Do you like to help others?

This is a unique opportunity to curate a collection of Coursera courses and/or Specializations that you personally recommend for people who want to develop strong interpersonal and other soft skills to succeed on the job.

We're especially interested in collections that have equipped you with skills that you've effectively applied in job interviews and on the job.

The very best collection(s) will be turned into an official Coursera Collection! Check out these Coursera Collections for inspiration:

Next Steps

  1. Reply to this post with your list of 4 to 10 Coursera courses and/or Specializations related to workplace soft skills
  2. Give a reason why you included each course/Specialization
  3. Suggest a title for your collection
  4. Describe what people will learn as a result of completing your collection and/or what sorts of challenges they might be ready for
✳ There's no deadline, but I'll be reviewing collections on a rolling basis, i.e., as they are posted. I recommend posting your collection as soon as possible! If your collection is selected, I'll contact you via private message here in the Community with next steps. ✳

2 replies

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I'd like to recommend this course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/powerpoint-presentations?specialization=pwc-analytics
Hi Laura, the following programs / courses I have identified as taking for soft skill improvement;
Influencing People - University of Michigan
Organizational Design & Mgmt - Hec Paris
High Performance Collaboration, Leadership, Teamwork & Negotiation - Northwestern U
Improving Communication Skills - Wharton
Work Smarter Not Harder - UC

Just a few that I am looking forward to completing.