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  • 2 August 2020
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Hi, I’m coach John. I’ve been a  life coach for more that two decades. I’m a philosopher by education. I’m here learn and to help others. Thank you.

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Hi John,

It’s really nice to be connected with you on Coursera. May I have some time of yours to help clarify a path for me?

One of my life goals is to be a writer; specifically of thriller and self-development genres. I even have 2 books (one of each genre) mapped out since about a year ago, and the first draft of the thriller has gone as far as 22,000 words. However, I completely lost momentum since about 9 months ago. When the Coronavirus pandemic first hit Asia and my country imposed a tight movement control regime middle of March, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get back to writing. Unfortunately this could not happen. For some strange reason, I am just not able to re-open my files to write. I always feel torn between two feelings: one the joy of being a published writer, and the dread of typing word by word.

May I have your advice on how to get out of this rut?

Thank you.      

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Hi khorhanheng

I can relate with your journey. Thank you for asking.
First, let me know if you’re going to self-publish this. 
Second, if you’re going to self-publish this, then I suggest that you get personal coach for this.
Why? Your coach could help you get to point B faster. 

Now, my short specific advice is ‘get serious.’ Writing a book is a beautiful concept until it becomes a reality. As we say in the circle: book writing is a hard work. Period. 

According to your details above, you have all the skills and the heart to write a book. All you need is the resolve to finish it. 

Important question: Did you have a deadline for your book? If none, then it will take forever. Set your deadline of publication, chapters and words per day. Tell everyone that you’re writing a book. Post your publication date on your walls in the room, on the refrigerator and all your social media accounts. Make it big and loud. - Pressure your self. Then force yourself to stick to your schedule. 

Happy writing :)