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  • 23 June 2020
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My name Francisco Cornejo, I am an economist living in San Salvador El Salvador. I love studying and I am excited about personal development issues. I conceive life as a journey in which we must try to be as happy as possible and helping our fellow men to achieve their goals. Regards


5 replies

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Hello Francisco,

Wonderful to get to know you. Life is a remarkable journey, and happiness is usually a frame of mind; helping others makes the world the a better place to live and strive together. I like your passion...have a wonderful week!


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Hello Francisco, warm greetings to you. I am a training consultant from Malaysia. I completed the The Science of Success on Coursera, and now on my 2nd course ‘Wine Tasting’. I certainly find these courses informative and helpful.

On the subject of Happiness; a lot of people specify “Happiness” as one of their main goals. They want to find Happiness, and work towards “achieving Happiness”. However in many recent studies. the idea of individual Happiness has changed significantly. Many studies have indicated that to achieve Happiness, we should:

  1. First DECIDE to be Happy in anything plan/project we engage in. Meaning Happiness is an attitude from inside, rather than an external object we try to get
  2. Plan out the necessary activities in order to complete our project as much as possible. Very often we cannot plan 100% of all activities, therefore leave some gaps and space for last-minute changes. Accept this fact of life and be joyful for it, don’t be too consumed over it.
  3. Implement your plan by carrying out the activities remembering your decision to be Happy. Meaning when starting any work/chore/task etc, start with a joyful heart, be cheerful that everything you do brings you one step closer to completing your plan.
  4. Make necessary changes/amendment along the way as needed, do not stress over them because you knew at the beginning that there will be changes/amendment along the way. Therefore be joyful and handle them effectively.
  5. Eventually when you completed your plan/project, maybe it’s 100%, maybe it’s only 85%, either way congratulate yourself for the success. Because you have enjoyed the journey, be joyful/happy along the way, and now you’re in a better state than when you started. Overall, this method may seem strange at first, but practice it, and develop the habit of DECIDING to be HAPPY first is a great strategy. I hope you start it with HAPPINESS! Cheers.
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Welcome to the community @Francisco Cornejo, amazing your words,

The happiness is something that we really need to share,  very nice the reply @JoyKissoon.

Have you seen the course, The Science of Well-Being, is designed as a way to understand and how to increase our own happiness and build more productive habits.

Wonderful that you comment us @khorhanheng and glad that you like The Science of Success, this 5 points are amazing, I will put them into practice too!!


Lets keep enjoy this Life’s journey and be more happy everyday. 

Kind regards.

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Hello Luis Gerardo Ayala B.

Much thanks for the acknowledgement and advice. Please know I studied and practices Nursing in Canada for many years and one the many things we learn is how to take care of our health and well-being, so we can help others.

Now I’m finally in a new stage of learn, it’s a bit challenging and I think learning should be I’m studying Data Science/Statistics. I already do qualitative, quantitative and mixed research using data gathered by others, but it’s really much more vast...and insightful when you use 20-30 other researchers work to dig out what you’re looking for…

Again thanks and have a terrific day!

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Esteemed @JoyKissoon i feel what you are saying, very appreciated,


Also thanks for studying the awesome profession and take care all the person's health as a nursing.

Great that you want improving your knowledge and be a lifelong learner, the Data Science is a great research topic because you can combine with almost all the fields.

Let me please suggest to take a look the new specialization release recently, AI for Medicine.

It’s a pleasure to meet all of you and i hope you enjoy the participation in the community.


Kind regards.