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Personal Introduction

  • 27 June 2020
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I ama from Costa Rica, Central Ameríca, I am 64 years old, I am a Civil Engineer with experience in Structural Design, especially steel structures.

I am taking THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING course, it is the first course in COURSERA

I would like to study personal development course, since my purpose is to start seeing life from another perspective.

I looking forward to meet other people of this community and to have the opportunity to share our life experiences and  what we expect for the coming years.

7 replies

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Hi, what different perspective do you need, different from the one that took you to your level of expertise?


Hi Ecarvajal, welcome!

I second ATP’s question. Besides the different perspective you would like to see life from, if you are okay with sharing, what caused you to want to see life in a new light?


Hi, nice you background, wellcome to this platform and for me the same, my firt time sharing with all of you.

Accountant for more than 20 years and now in commercial activities.


I think it is admirable  and wonderful and awesome to continue being curious. As an educator, this is what I promote. 

Eve Donner

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It is a wonderful experience to have some many replies, for which I thank everyone of you. I want to have another perspective, because the society is chnaging, so I have to adapt to the new normality. or even if the life continues to be the same, to look it differently, will allow me to enjoy more the beatiful things that life offers.


Society is changing rapidly. It seems, though, that humanity’s fear of the coronavirus is strangely predictable. I have been reading a history of the Middle Ages, which is fascinating, and the great Plague. 

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Thanks for the comment. I am not afraid, but I realize that there is going to happen many changes, and I would like to be emotional prepared. I am aware that we are capable to adapt as history shows..!!