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How has the online learning opportunity enriched your life?

  • 17 June 2020
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Hi! I serendipitously found a course on Resilience skills in difficult times and it led me to the Foundations in Positive Psychology. 

As a graduate of western psychology almost 20yrs ago, I found it didn't really equip me to handle working in post-war communities. 10yrs ago I began my studies in eastern psychology and have been using it in my work since. 

However it was only through the course on positive psychology that I have found a formal structure to what I have learnt and used so far. 

Feeling so grateful for the time, space and opportunity despite it being due to COVID-19, to access this knowledge in a global community. 

I am curious to know what your experience has been like?

3 replies

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You mean Online learning or Positive psychology?  

By far, Online learning gave me so many courses that I realized I want to study them all as a designer. 

I agree that western psychology somewhat fails in a olistic dimension, but after a period in which I read a lot of oriental philosophies, I worked many years on my dreams, and could reach personal conclusions that make me see the common points -- if you know the tale of the Elephant in the blinds’ land. 

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That's exactly what I meant thank you :)

Online learning on the whole.. 


The way that Online learning opportunity enriched my life it allows me to learn new things in a way that complements my work and social commitments.